• The Wombats are a Indie Pop Act from Liverpool,England and they are just awesome in short,they have released 2 albums & 1 EP so far,Matthew Murphy on the vocals just gives the band a X-factor.

  • Ellie Goulding the british pop star who as been smashing the UK charts recently and best known for her single "Lights" has a voice that i don't think i need to tell you about,she is hot,got amazing vocals,and sings like heaven,even here songs remix are ubercool,so i decided to make this cool list of great EG remixes,so now you know what you gotta do get a cup pop up your dancing shoes and do ya thing.

  • I'm pretty sure you have already listen to the fucking giant "Forever" either due to LeBron James or Drake,Kanye,Weezy and mostly due to Eminem,who has a dope verse,the song,we all can agree is one of best rap songs out in a considerable amount of time over past years,and all the wizs are just killing in it,

    Also one more thing the song has more than you can think cool remixes,something unlike for a "rap" genre,guess that just proves how good the song is,so here is a list of all the cool remixes of Drake's "Forever" plus some nasty mashups.