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    Yeah and he does look like a 50's film star

    G-Eazy not because he retweeted me,well that's cool also,he also even ended a show by doing a stage dive,not that's supercool,well let keep ourselves to music,i love that man songs,the chorus are outta this world,and his attitude towards his fans is very pleasing,here's a song from his mixtape "The Endless Summer" which i would never dare to call a mix tape cause again it's so cool,well cool has been the word of the days,so while i get over with,you can listen "Runaround Sue"

  • Actually you can't really get enough of Afrojack,and its bout time he release something worth listening to,So afrojack has released  his second EP "Lost & Found 2" an installment of Afrojack previously unreleased tracks,and here's "Show Me Your Rage" from the Lionheart maker !

  • As LDR finally released the studo version of "Off To Races" a new track titled "Yayo" surfaced the web,though the song isn't on the tracklist so we don;t know where it might end up in the album,outside the album,the track though is really cool and i don't think it would wrench the success the artist has attained so far !

  • This was the year for skrillex,the dubstepper (yeah i made that one up) released some of the wickediest tunes ever,now he's back with his new EP Bangarang featuring a bunch full of great artists,here's "Summit" of fthe EP featuring Ellie Goulding and its one of those melodic dubsteps !

  • So Its official this year's rookie of the year Abel Tesfaye,third official mixtape of the year,"Echoes Of Silence" finally arrived today as weeknd himself tumbled it on his tumblr,the mixtape consists of 9 tracks,

    01. D.D.
    02. Montreal
    03. Outside
    04. XO/The Host
    05. Initiation
    06. Same Old Song
    07. The Fall
    08. Next
    09. Echos of Silence

    the mixtape is one of his finest works,the tape kicks off with his cover Michael Jackson "dirty diana" wwhich is pretty darn awesome and closing out with the title track,he recently tweeted

    "i hope they don’t hang me for my decisions on #echoesofsilence.”

    Well we won't.

    The tape would be the last in the trilogy of his mixtapes closing out what had been a sensational journey for the R&B crooner.

  • WARNING : This guy makes sexy undertones of the music that will get even your grandma shaking her booty on the dancefloor so if your grandma has some hips problems,please keep her away from this.

  • Beat Culture a.k.a Sunik Kim is a 17 year old artist,who likes to make dense, atmospheric, messy glitch/dub songs.the guy is releasing his new EP titled "Tokyo Dreamer"on January 15,and when i gave listen to "before You Go" on Soundcloud i know i'm gonna post this so give the track a spin,plus another track "If Only"

  • So here we are with previously unreleased Weeknd's songs,three to be exact,actually musician have some demo songs,so here's "superhero" "Cure" & "Party" dating to 2009 with the production for The Noise,decent add to your collection,with Weeknd sings about killing Grey Goose,yeah really Grey Goose so listen up fellas,right below.

  • Elizabeth Grant  a.k.a Lana Del Rey - "Lana" from Lana Turner & Del Rey from "Ford Del Rey" now you know how can you have a name from a hollywood actress and a ford sedan,anyways,lana is the pop voice of this year,wonder i haven't posted her this late,i just a heard a glimpse of the song the other night on VH1 and then i with godspeed just googled and from then on its still their on tp of my playlist,the album "Born To Die" drops January 30 next year !

  • Nearly  A Year Later Ke$ha just pulls up all star rappers for "Sleazy 2.0" and makes it more sleazier,although the first "Sleazy" has some of best verses ever for andre 3000 coming out from his own world to collab just seems perfect,but then this came out with the old andre 3000 verse and other verses from Wiz,T.I & Weezy and jus.......anyways,you just LISTEENNN
  • Courtesy : pigeon & planes

    After this I'm going underground
    If they come asking give them the run-around
    How does Costa Rica in the summer sound?

    This just came out of nowhere,after dropping his mixtape just weeks ago,lupe let out another track on his twitter account titled "American Terrorist III"now the "American Terrorist" which you can count as part I was in lupe's Food & liquor album,but there's no part II,anyways we just can listen the song,maybe he'll tweet the part II,and you can't really complain about anything else with the song when its lupe,so for the record,i have said its "Great" just for the record !

  • So we were not even over listening to dev "Kiss My Lips" and she drops another banger (sic) featuring enrqiue iglesias,now that's something great,the track titled "Naked" now the two most hot pop singers on a track called "naked",you know the outcome,the track is droping on 20 this month,with dev album dropping next year,Stay Tuned..

  • Source : fuckyeahwizkhalifa.tumblr

    So another track from wiz & snoop dogg called "OG" is out featuring curren$y is out and it is confirmed that the track will feature in Mac & Devin Go To High School Soundtrack releasing on 13 december,the song is again about weeds and marijuana,i mean why can't these guys get over it (well maybe they can't,i don't know,i don't do it),but you gotta agree they do it pretty good.!

    P.S. Don't do drugs kids! And remember, marijuana ain't no drug... - Earmilk

  • Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te --- Who Along With Kris Barman (Of Innerpartysystem) Forms The Dead Fame --- Released Their New Single Called "The Eye".The song includes 2 instrumental breakdowns that the group performed live at Lollapalooza and North Coast Music Festival using french horn, violin and keyboard. This Electro-house track demonstrates Midnight Conspiracy's harder side and also explores CENOB1TE's dubstep roots.