• A full version of “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie” the second single from Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius, collectively known asWZRD, just hit the Internuts and it’s definitely a step in the right direction,with a tune much better than the prvious "Brake" their album is out on Feb 28,buy the single on iTunes

  • Chip just let out a new mixtape with the title"Tell Ya Friends" and a really cool album art,the mixtape is really a strong release overall with giant 22 tracks track list,the Lex Luger produced "Out Here" is clearly a standout,with most of the production is from Chuck English.
    Listen out below !

  • So Frank Ocean just let out a new song via his twitter he even said "australia seems like the kind of place you have sex in public. i don't know why." follow him here.The song is titled "Voodoo" and is real good stuff.Since he is prepping up for his album with Def Jam we expect more stuff real soon ! 

  • Lana Del Rey announced "Summertime Sadness" as one of her favorite songs from her forthcoming debut album, Born To Die. even promising "You're gonna fucking like it when it's on the record." The tracks follows the same template as Lana's previous massive single "Video Games
    Check out the live  performance below!

  • Well,the title says it all,you really can't stop the DJ from from Netherlands,he jumped to #7 in the DJ Mag top 100 list,David Guetta said he is too big now when asked for the breakthrough artist of the year,last year was the year of DJ AJ,well,this song is supposed to be "Take Over Control Part II" and it has everything to be one !
    Check out the club mix below !

  • Previously,i shared Aoki's "Livin My Life" from his super album "Wonderland" a must buy,well now we are sharing a new track from the album,usually we don't go out sharing more songs from a album to support the artist but this one was meant to be shared,the disco king Aoki have made some wonderful dubstep tune in this song and especially the reason the guest artist Rob Roy just sounded like Eminem in his early Slim Shady days

    Check out the drop below !

  • There are  some songs,that are meant for everybody,that the one who you'll love at the first listen,the one in that list is Carousel,a band for San Francisco,makes some beautiful electronic music,"Know Its Right" is their latest into this category,the song is really infectious and a perfect feel good song,plus its feel alike all the other Carousel songs,you can have them here on the official site !

  • Big Pink rose to fame with their single "Dominos" which even Nicki Minaj sampled and layed verses on her Pink Friday with a song titled "Girl falls like Dominos" but that was time back,now the UK electropop duo is back with their new album titled "Future This"  released only last week,their new single off the album is "Hit The Ground (Superman)" which is really catchy and the rhythmic cadence it serves is brilliant,it fits pefectly  the anthemic genre category songs the band makes !

  •                                           Man, the game chose me, what am I to do?

    Kendrick Lamar released a mixtape titled Overly Dedicated a year ago,we would all agree we don't listened to much of KL stuff until he released the super Section.80 which garnered great and eventually ended up in mostly every blog top list for 2011,so i turned back to Overly Dedicated and i found a song titled "Michael Jordon" featuring Schoolboy Q,another rapper on the rise these days,now the title is catchy,but if Lil Wayne can make "Kobe Bryant" then there must be a song for His Airness,i put the spin to the track i found it really nice,i mean a complete song tribute for MJ is awesome,and the  beautiful intro by the girl it was just amazing.

    Listen below.

  • Steve Aoki is working on his first album titled "Wonderland" the album has guest appearences from Will.i.am,Kid Cudi,Rivers Cuomo,Lil Jon to name a few,even the itunes version has the Grammy winning "No Beef "collaboration with Afrojack,so here's a new track from the album titled "Livin My Life" and it features U.K giant LMFAO plus NERVO,the track is greatly weaved together with NERVO vocals backing up LMFAO perfectly !

  • Golden Isles” new off Portland band Grandparents’  EP FUMES.
    The seven piece are based in Portland and pride themselves on lo-fi sounds, recording their work on a Tascam 488.The 4 songs album is pretty dope !

  • If a band all the way from Iceland who still haven't released a full album or song in the U.S,but still manages to top the chart of a local Philadelphia radio,i think you should give them a listen !

    Of Monsters and Men a band from Iceland,containing six members,the mix-up of vocals in their songs between the fellow memebers is pretty refreshing !

    Listen to their most popular and acclaimed song "Little Talks"

  • “Bitch I hustle everyday, you can check my resumé”

    If you love rap,you gonna love this one.A previously unreleased track of ASAP Rocky which didn't make his LiveLoveAsap ,one of the most acclaimed mixtape last year,well "Celebration" is some way to celebrate that about !

  • On His way to his next album "God Forgives,I Don't",Rozay just released his new mixtape "Rich Forever" again mixing up a whole lost a listers like Diddy,Kelly Rowland and ya boy Drake.
    To be honest i never really like rick ross,but that was until i heard this

    "Still allergic to broke, prescription straight to the paper
    Destined for greatness, but got a place in Jamaica
    Villa on the water with the wonderful views
    Only fat nigga in the sauna with Jews"

    Rick Ross,As stated in "Lord Knows"

  • Edward Maya is really talented man,he gave Akcent a worldwide name by his production and "Stereo Love" was a f**king anthem,and he is going to release his first album "The Stereo Love Show" now he agained teamed up with Vika Jigulina for "Desert Rain" the third single off the album,the song is crazy and Viika damn girl !
    Also check out the violin version of "Stereo Love" featuring Devas,supercool !

  • Money is the anthem...of success
    So before we go out
    What's your address?

    I now officialy have the LDR fever,i just can't let any of here songs go,this one "National Anthem" set to feature on her album "Born To Die" which i think would be a must buy,wow that rhymes,well in this sog she just kind of does this “I can’t decide if I should pout-sing this track or pout-rap it….ahh fuck it I’ll do both”.

  • So the first single off bobby ray sophomore effort wasn't so what we expected,but here is the fresh remix of "Strange Clouds" featuring B.o.b mentor T.I & Young Jeezy,So have a listen here and when i said fresh i mean its certainly fresh !

  • So Avicii is talk of town these days and he just teamed up with another hottest name in the dance music these days,NERVO the duo give their beautiful vocals a bit more than expected to the song which is another Avicii trademark written that guy could be the #1 DJ in next few years !

  • The feeling  that i never shared Avicii "Levels" with you is probably the baddest feeling i have related to the music rover,anyways,i have two new avicii exclusives to sum up for my sins,all from his latest tours which is huge,he even visited India,thumbs up for it and these songs !
    So Listen up !

  • Fabolous is probably the best mixtape artist,everyone of his mixtape is cool and stays a mixtape with not much of traffic of artists and this new year he let out another one of mixtape titled "There Is No Competition 3: Death Comes in 3s" which is third installment in his series of There Is No.... and might be the last,the mixtape is hosted by DJ Drama and features Trey Songz,Jadakiss,Style P,Meek Mill & Lloyd Banks,with some cony punch lines referring Britney/K-Fed and he saves the best for the last track with Just Blaze produced "Lord Knows",yes the one of Drake album !

  • Courtesy Prefix Mag

    Ever since T.I got out from the prison he has been keeping us busy with his new stuff,generally music,he is jumping over remixes and letting out free songs with some non-album singles now he released a new free to download mixtape titled "F The City Up" which featured a whole bunch of artists including Dr.Dre,listen/download the whole mixtape below

  • Leona Lewis is releasing her next album "Glassheart" this year and "LoveBirds" is set to feature the album dropping March 27th ,the song snippet preview has just hit the web and it sounds amazing,been a time since i liked a song snippet this much ! 
    Listen the drop below -

  • SO Tyga let out another track from his upcoming album "Careless World" which is set to drop on 24 this month with the album consisting a bunch of artists and this features Young Money's very own Jerry Sloan (that rhymes well) i.e Lil Wayne so check out the drop below !

  • Dear 2011,So Long,Sucker.As the year you can finally bid adieu to 2011 and you wanna do it while you party so here's a completely new song from Zedd for you to go completely insane and hard,you can have the German producer single copy from January 3, at least you will get sober till then,i think !