• Nicki Minaj sophomore album Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded is due next Tuesday,and the most star studded track,the triumphal posse "Champion" featuring the trio of Drake,Nas & Young Jeezy has just surfaced the web,the track openly declares "Its an celebration" and with its mellow tune,it is the kind of stuff you want to play when you kick some a$$,Nas clearly stands out in the track and Young Jeezy well you should get him a cough drop.

  • Hailing from Seattle,Sol songs possess solid lyrics and banging beats,which is most of what you need from a successful hip-hop act,which makes  him as an absolute must listen,"Yours Truly" is by far my favorite Sol song,you can follow and listen more of his stuff here.

  • When i first saw the track name and Iggy Azalea name,since i have never heard her stuff before,i even doubted that it would be a English track but since it got T.I in it i wonder what it sounded like,and you know the solution to all these objections is hitting the damn play button,and voila,it sounded fantastic and the fact that she is signed to Interscope Records just answers the talent question ?
  • Thanks to Turntable.fm we are getting some of the crazy clips of Diplo & A-Trak peforming at the SXSW,so for those you didn't make the cut to Austin,grab your favorite DJ and watch them make the whole crowd go so mad.

  • The ongoing festiveness continues to give us great new music,the latest addition is Alesso releasing a vocal mix of his track "Years" and boom.it worked up right away,now get some liquor and your dancing pants on.

  • Now to be clear,this aint a diss song aimed at the band Fun. who are on successful journey right now,this is just Azealia Banks doing her thing and giving us two minutes of joyride with her tremendous vocals and Diplo tremendous production,and more importantly without fu**g up the fun.

  • Bassnectar has previously worked with Nelly Furatado before,but now his got Lupe Fiasco on his shit,the best intellectual rapper ever,and the result is seemingly not what we expected,which is good in a way,as you get that heavy dubstep and it all goes VOOOOMMMM......
  • Mac Miller latest project "Macadelic" just dropped hours before and is kinda the oppositye of his debut album "Blue Side Park" with bunch of featuring's from both artists and producers - Lil Wayne,Kendrick Lamar & Camron to mention a few,the mixtape is far away from Mac Best Days Ever shit and doesn't have that boyish feeling anymore,but still you get to hear a new mac working it out with some of the best in the game,what else ? listen up,and tell yourself.
  • “Gooddammit im a genius
    Swagger is the meanest
    Wet Green hair chicks from Venus on my penis”
    So we finally get the first taste of Swizz Beatz upcoming mixtape "Limitless" with "Street Knock" produced by AraabMUZIK and featuring A$AP Rocky,the song is one of those classics Swizz styles,tough man speech,etc and Rocky just kills it

  • So our boi Nas is back with a new drop titled "The Don",now whenever you get something solo from such a brilliant rapper its kinda embarks a hip hop moment,the song will be on his tenth studio album "Life is Good",the song in one word is "classy" and the genius delivering the dopest verses ever.

  • So not every song Lana made has been put into her album,that's kinda cool because you are gonna get to hear a lot of different stuff,"Match Made In Heaven" is an example which is just a addition to her previous unreleased demos songs,the song starts like a daily Ke$ha song and is kinda cool.
  • White”is Frank's lone solo entry on Odd Future’s upcoming OF Tape Vol. 2compilation effort ,with minimal production consisiting of just tender boards of keyboards,the 2-minute is just magic,white as name the suggests is just a soft-yet beautiful song,the one trait that Ocean never leaves behind.

  • The Weeknd  has a midas touch i think,every song his vocals touch it makes them gold,now the sample of his song "The Birds Part I" in part of 2 Chainz a.k.a your favorite rapper's favorite guest rapper song "Like Me",now speculations are that this not a feature and is a sample well whatever it is,its dope.

  • Out of nowhere,Waka Flocka Flame has delivered the second single off his upcoming album : Triple F Life: Friends, Fans, And Family. Flocka sounds pretty excited to be rapping about his underwear but in all you just get to hear the "don't...." sounds which are pretty much dope in the Trey Songz assisted single,and yup,its called "I Don't Really Care"

  • So the increasingly unmasked SBTRKT have released a new track up for streams titled "Surely" and that was same word i used when my friend asked me that did i liked it?,now surely i want you to listen and enjoy this piece of good music.

  • So Tiesto is back with a new song titled "Chasing Summers" which is catchy as hell's fire,from the initial build up to the massive beats its get is just magic !

  • A few days ago we gave you Meg Myers and now we are having her first EP "Daughter In The Choir" stream with the permission of Doctor Rosen,her producer cum partner,the EP is perfect its bit of rock,a bit of emo,a bit of pop and more of what we want,she could practically fit into every genre that she wants and kill it,and her voice,oh her voice....

  • So finally the most awaited mix tape of the season has been released,Wiz Khalifa is back with a new mixtape after a year long break and its titled "Taylor Allderdice" named after the school he studied and has a usual bunch of guest involvement : Cardo & Rick Ross to name two,and the stuff is pretty much tight,the 17 songs tracklist seem to satisfy everybody and after all who doesn't love mixtapes.

  • Benny Benassi is one of the pioneers of the dance/house music culture,and in his mid 40s he is still rocking,with the help of Gary Go he just put up a new track titled "Control" a vocal driven amazing piece of music,a must listen for his fans.

  • Norah Jones was always on my Top 10 artists list,she is just amazing,one of the best vocals i ever heard,and there is something different about this new Norah Jones single titled "Happy Pills" she is like having fun,now we love to see artists have fun,they can have all the fun they want an Norah earned it.

    The song will be on her upcoming album "Little Broken Hearts"

  • Rita Ora is signed to Jay-Z Roc Nation Label,and is predicted to be a Future Star by This Must Be Pop,her song with DJ Fresh "Hot  Right Now" has garnered 7 Million views on YouTube already,now if you think that's enough,read more.

  • I want to set fire to the darkness/ I want to lay flames where your heart is tonight/ Kill the lights,

    The Dream is one of those guys who consistently love making songs,the having of word "Love" in all of his past albums is just a proof,he takes it to the bedroom with his new joint with Casha "Kill The Lights" the song for which his tour is named after.

  • Carlos Serrano from San Diego,United States is our latest pick as a artist to present,and the reason he is here is because of the incredible mashups he makes,now basically everybody thinks of making a mash-up (jamming numerous songs together) but only few succeed and not as good as this guy Carlos Serrano,and you bout to know why quickly,just hit the play button below,as we give you some of his finest work.

  • B.o.B has somehow get back on his "I'll be in the Sky" shit with this new Ryan Tedder produced "So Good" the song has some simple tunes and really attracting chrous,lyrically it might not be the best B.o.B track out there but surely you know its GOOD.
    Also check out the remix below !

  • Music has turned into nothing more then just a rush in the background while you are busy doing other things. I don’t want to change that, but I try to make something that will catch your ear and communicate with you.” - Azier
    Great Thoughts.
    Fresh for Berlin,we give you Thomas Azier as he wins our heart on this sweet melody + vocals titled the “Metropolitan Tribe

  • I once told how much i hated of not putting up Avicii "Levels" on the Rover but thanks to George Monev,i am putting up Levels In Reverse,yes who can wonder why you ever didn't thought of that,and kill yourself,or give it a spin and dance #thereisalwaysanoption.

  • G-Eazy is unique in his own style,he brings relatively unknown artists from nowhere with exceptional voices and  make a hell of a song out of it,and his throw back 50's style has made us one of his fans,his new track "Marilyn" featuring Dominique LeJeune covers some intense relationship lyrics and is again a exceptional case.

  • "Livin My Life" has as the title suggest has a great teenage theme attached to it and there have been previous songs made on this theme but this has Justin Bieber and  Far East Movement together,and its a dance track,so you know,the outcome.

  • This song was produced back in time when Cudder was making the most successful single "Day N Night" circa 2008,now for those who want to hear the good old rapping Cudi,then this piece of myth is great for you,produced by his rock partner Dot Da Genius listen "Dope Of Dopeness"

  • Fun. songs are real fun to hear, probably every track they have weaved is a teenage anthem so far and they continued this journey with their new track titled "Some Nights" with some amazing lyrics and the evergreen tune,stream below

  • Meg Myers has that kind of voice that indulges you into itself,"After You" is poignant yet  romantic love song which is made complex by the quote of 'My love is after you' rather than 'I love You' which we have no problem with it,because its dark,mysterious,gloomy and surprising at the same time,with the bonus of her beautiful voice which is just what we needed to get over Lana Del Rey...,

    Actually the more you know about Myers the more you'll like her,and i recommend her tumblr to everyone for that purpose,i'm gonna stalk her starting right now.

  • When we first gave you Guetta's "Titanium (Feat.Sia)" which has near perfect lyrics and music,i could never thought of having something this great out of a song again,Colin Mcloughlin just made the song perfect and proved me song,simply,STREAM BELOW.

  • Chi Duly  just remixed the whole weeknd "House of Balloons" mixtape and titled it "Balloon of Haus" now that is some serious shit,he practically remixed made the mixtape from 9 tracks to eleven and had some guests vocals too,so listen it out and get ready to dance !