• Yup its Morgan Freeman in the title,i know that you have heard him in movies, it’s that voice that captures you and now its in a song,and that song belongs to B.o.B's next album titled "Strange Clouds" releasing next week (May 1st),i don't think i need to say anything about the track but since i like to say stuff,i'll say this is the best track i have listened so far from the album.

  • Kid Cudi is back,He decided to launch new music today and he dropped a track titled "Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of This Whskey" which is self produced by himself,and for all those cudi rapping skills lovers out there,this is a complete delight,this is not some rock experiment and is pure rap with the rapper still showing us maturity in both lyricism and production,and damn we are loving it fast.

  • A new Florence track appears on the upcoming Snow White & The Huntsman,and i fucking love it,nothing really surprising about that,that happens with each of FTM songs.

    The track starts with beautiful drums melodies,placed in beautifully,then the vocals kick in and it all turn into vicious circle of feeling of love and happiness,then,then what,you fall in love it and it goes into your mp3 carrier.

  • So Atlantic Records released the third track from Flo's upcoming album "Only One Flo (Part 2)" which already as two major hits in it : "Good Feeling" and "Wild Ones",as a result its hard to match a song against the previous one but "Whistle" does pretty good,it start with yes,the usual whistles,and then comes the flow from Flo,wow that rhymes,well that's what the song does.

  • Wiz unexpectedly releases the track “Work Hard, Play Hard,” presumably the lead single off off O.N.I.F.C.,produced by Stargate and Benny Blanco,the song is kinda the pop fare we expected after his mixtape drop last month.

  • So Mau5 just dropped the full version of the vocal edit song featuring Chris James,a re-work of his song "The Veldt",and boom it worked,might as well be the best track of the week you heard so far,the music is light no giant tunes,or dub,and the vocals,well they are meant to be fitted on a track like this.

  • Asher Roth teams up with Maybach Music Group's Meek Mill,marking this year one of the most random collabs,on his new single ‘Party Girl’ off his upcoming album Is This Too Orange ? ,the song samples Eddie Murphy and Rick James 1985 hit “Party All The Time” the two do a great job of meshing their styles together and delivering a possible summer party anthem 2012

  • So two of biggest upcoming names in hip hop right now combining for a track,could there be anything better happening in hip hop,“Big Spender” dropped this past weekend (to the excitement of many) and its safe to say that it bangs, goes, or whatever you say about anything that’s hot on arrival these days to the power of aplenty,and shout out to the productionist who maked the 1967 beat roll once again.

    I really think they'll give us plenty like this more.

  • I think,its time to deliver you the latest dose of your fuck everything and dance pills,and Sidney Samson has make our work a whole lot easier with his new giant track titled "Get Low" which pretty much explains everything,as the Dutch maestro has all the classic house music elements in it to make you get low,so go

  • So Nasir Jones justreleased "Another Black Girl Lost" the second part of song Black Girl Lost , originally released in 1996 on the album It Was Written,the new song is produced by Hit-Boy and may or may not feature on his upcoming album Life Is Good,still Nas is at his usual best with the wordplay.

  • Derek Allen, aka DJA, just released a brand new cover of Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It"with his own modulated singing and washed out synths,and the result was so fantastic that the fact it was not an original song just couldn't stop me from posting this and its free to download too,and if you haven't known him before then you should know that he produced "Two Shots" from Lil Wayne last album "Tha Carter IV" with Diplo,which you can stream here.

  • Years ago we gave you a mashup featuring Eminem,Kanye West,Wiz Khalifa and Ron Pope,the first three names might sound familiar but the last one with that exceptionally beautiful voice was lost somewhere in the time,but now Ron Pope is back and is set to release ‘Atlanta’, a truly breath-taking record packed with sensational adult pop songs April 17th on iTunes,listen "Atlanta" and "One Grain Of Sand",the two singles from the album and watch yourself sing along.

  • So Travis Scott has released a new self produced track titled "Animal" featuring the Grand Hustle king T.I,to be featured on his upcoming EP “Owl Pharaoh” releasing this summer,the track is real fresh and got some nasty beats and verses,can't wait for the EP to drop.

  • So Its finally here,the biggest rap-country collaboration of all time,and to be honest,i din't thought it would be as good as it is,i mean Bob isn't really on his old shit right now,and rap-country doesn't really work quite often,the only past one i remember was Jason Aldean featuring Ludacris "Dirt Road Anthem",but this one is cool,the chorus where Taylor sings is soft production and the one where B.o.B raps is way EDM,and though it looks kinda like it’s comprised of two completely separate songs stitched together,but yet i have to say it,that it worked magic.
  • Where is the left hand ?

    It just can't get any better,after letting out "PDA" few days ago,another Ocean unreleased track hit the interweb titled "Math",It’s unclear as to whether this was recorded under the Lonny Breaux or Frank Ocean moniker,but one thing is for sure,its clearly a great song,with the Timbaland style beats and the more mature love lyrics with FO voice over it,just makes it magic.

  • This just can't get any better,another unreleased/demo Frank Ocean song,and its straight dope shit,released from earlier of Ocean's days when he was going by the alias of Lonny Breaux,the song just sounds so fun,and the Pop infused R&B is just so damn awesome.

  • We present you the young beat maker Mr.Troy as he reveals a series of beats which will just make you go Aww,and something that will make you more than a lover of hip hop,and a track that will keep you busy with something new each seconds till it lasts,the track is simply titled as "Blue" and is just a gem.

  • Jay Electronica works in mysterious ways. After a snippet of the track “Dear Moleskine” was leaked nearly three years ago, the full (?) version has finally (finally) made its way onto the interwebs (the only way to get JAYE music).

    Jay Electronica has yet to release a full-length album, but he has released two official singles to date, "Exhibit A" and "Exhibit C", which won a Sucker Free Summit Award for Instant Classic

    But as the saying goes "Better Late than Never" and this track ,produce by Just Blaze(so never a problem with the beat) is just pure dope,and is way better than you can think reading this.

  • So "The Game is back in the Game",Hosted by DJ Skee,Game just released a new mixtape titled "California Republic" with a giant 23 songs track list and marking appearance from numerous artists : 2 Chainz,Rick Ross,Just Blaze,Pharrell,Drake just to name a few (really !),the mixtape is really good and would be gold from The Game fans you wanted to listen him for so much time,the production is real dope too,many big names = many dope beats,the standout track is definitely "Skate Out" featuring the ever correct Lupe Fiasco ,listen up the whole tape below and pick out your favorite track.

  • So its finally here,What was intended to be a midnight release signaling the return of the G.O.O.D. Friday series turned into E.A.R.L.Y. Thursday,Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music track "Mercy" is finally out and it features 2 Chainz,Big Sean & Pusha T “Mercy” stands as the first look into the label’s compilation album set to drop soon,and about the track well its dope,no bullsh#t

  • Out of Nowhere,Literally,Kanye drops a brand new track "Thereaflu" not as complex as the name suggests with simple beats and the evergreen,no doubt Yeezy's verse play,DJ Khaled is also listed on the track but doesn't to be his usual disruptive self.

  • Due to his tenure in the jail,T.I couldn't promote his last album No Mercy which for me was the most underrated album of 2010,but as of now,T.I after releasing few songs,featuring in few remixes here and there he is back with the official lead single "Love This Life" for his upcoming album release "Trouble Man",the song is very much radio friendly and will bring back Tip to his previous heights again,the production is great with organ notes,electric guitar riffs blend together to make it denser all together,well it should be as it is from Grammy Nominated producer Mars.
  • After a long amount of time,Childish Gambino dropped a new track titled "Eat Your Vegetables",a more Big Sean esqish song with a simple laid back style,might have not been the best CG track out there,but you get to hear him trying something new to keep you busy,plus that "D Money" buzzers which maybe is his south persona   humming after every 30 seconds is kind off are cool or irritating,you decide.Production is ill though.

  • So Odd Future's front man,Tyler releases a new previously unreleased/disliked track titled "Lucky Charms" featuring minimal production and few re-used lines,Tyler said that he doesn't liked the song so probably thats why we are hearing it now,anyways we get to hear the man.

  • Van She is an electro-pop band from Sydney,Australia."Idea Of Happiness" is their first single off their sophomore album,a synth heavy electronic tune with equally  love able hooks and chorus,just kinda makes the track a perfect one,their album drops a little late (July 10) but if this is what you'll be getting than its worth the wait.

  • Damn I love some Dragonette,everybody need some pop,one day or the other,and they are going big on this one,"Let It Go" is their first single from their third album,and its just perfect,the vocals,the tune,the feel everything.