• Skream just dropped this dub-step BOMB on his Soundcloud,and its just fucking awesome,those ultra heavy tunes are one of the best i've ever heard in this genre so far and that occasionally light girls vocals that come in-between just kills everything,everything.

    So put aside anything you're doing,and listen this.

  • Kanye West protegee and one half of Clipse - Pusha T released ‘Exodus 23:1,’ earlier today, featuring The-Dream,pusha is definitely mad as fuck at something and he is letting us know,the song a scathing diss track apparently aimed at waning nova Lil Wayne,check out the rap below.

  • Surprise,Surprise "Yamaha Mama", a song featuring Soulja Boy & Chris Brown dropped about 2 years ago but today a alternate version featuring Drizzy instead of Soulja has hit the inter-web,and its dope,we have to see if its just a throw away or maybe it will feature in an upcoming mixtape,well anyway,whocares huh ?,listen the drop below
  • Artwork by Mike Waxx
    So after #BOYFRIENDREMIX became a TT on social networking site - twitter,JB finally dropped the much awaited remix of his latest single "Boyfriend" connecting with  rap heavyweights 2 Chainz,Asher Roth & Mac Miller,and with the song already hip-hop esquish feel and beats,the verses from the rappers fit in just perfectly.

    Who has the best verse ? Decide yourself below.

  • So new music from Childish continues to come,with the liberation of "Tell Me" featuring Heems (1/3 of the Das Racist group),the soulful track sounds more of Heems type rather than CG,but he do kicks in with some dope bars,and  you gotta try different,i think that's the motto CG is following after releasing his LP "Camp" few months ago,trying new stuff and mashing up genres and working with new artists,well the recipe surely worked this time.

  • Sampling Pete Rock’s classic hit, “T.R.O.Y”,“Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)” is the brand new single from Lupe’s new album, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, that will be released this year,it seems like Pete aint happy about the song much,due to the sample,but lets not worry about that,you want some dope music,you get it below.

  • Lupe Fiasco and his fellow Chicagoan native Twista team up with Houston's Killa Kyleon on a new track titled "Get Throwed" and is set to be featured in  Rap-A-Lot Records 25th Anniversary compilation,the song is dope as expected with the trio going hard on their verses and with the beat so cool,its just sounds fantastic.

  • A new LDR track surfaced the interweb today,and in one word its "gorgeous" and continues on that string of perfection sad Lana Del Rey's song,the production is minimal,the vocals are catchy,and you couldn't expect anything better, atleast live.

  • “It’s a little brighter in here than usual,”

    Spitta makes his major label debut 6/5 with “The Stoned Immaculate”  and has released the first single off the LP titled "Capitol" featuring the ubiquitous 2 Chainz attempting to make one of the most relaxed/laidback rap song ever made.

    So,If you are feeling anxious or upset, run this track a couple of times and watch your troubles float away like so much sauna steam

  • First of all “Henrietta” isn’t a new Yeasayer song—the band was playing it on tour a year ago. But the recorded version is new, and it surfaced online after physical copies of the track were sent out to members of the Yeasayer mailing list.

    But that won't bother if you are listening to them for first time,or you are a fan,and also anyway,the track is pretty incredible and sick,and won't require any more words

  • Digitalism is releasing a free track, “A New Drug” as a part of the DJ-Kicks series,the new track is a mighty fine example of the kind of rockish, discopunk energy you see when they’re going all out at a live show,with sounds like a guitar thrown into a blender and distorted to the full effect,and that heavy vocals,uff - is all the recipe to make your booty move,haven't listen anything like this from the duo previous works,this really sound like hard Germans,and its free.

  • We In This Bitch,a song by DJ Drama came out last week,with featuring of Young Jeezy,T.I,Future & Ludacris to be in Drama's upcoming album Quality Street Music, produced by Kane Beatz the song was real hard and have some nice verseplay from the MC's.

    Now a supposedly new version/or a remix called "We In This Bitch 1.5" is out and its feature verses from Drake and Future (some more),this one is real dope too.

    STREAM both of the songs below,and decide the winner

  • Going hard,Azealia Banks is back with another new track titled "Jumanji" in which you hear her rapping bars over a tribal fusion beat,all done to prepare herself to be a powerhouse, which is refreshing since she seems to be a rare breed,or as you say in hood style "being a classy bitch",whatever you say we think this is the strongest attempt by Banks recently.

  • GINORMOUS,the beats are huge here,might not have that kind of vocals you expected but this is great,the song displays the qualities of three well known DJ's coming gelling up to produced one of a kind song  sorry,beats and aptly titled "1234" too,which are the only lyrics in it.

  • Passion Pit are finally following up their 2009 debut, Manners.with their new album, Gossamer will be out July 25 on Columbia Records,the first single "Take a Walk" has surfaced the web,and is straight-out the best music that i have listened in the past few months,the electro-pop melodies x the vocals is just some dope suff,and i don't use the word 'Dope' for a other than rap song that usual.
  • Courtesy : Diebolt Designs

    We have already given you "BURN" off this before,and now its here,finally,from our philly native rapper,his second DREAMCHASERS mixtape,the tape is impeccable (near perfect) and has its bunch of artists featurings,productionists and skits,i seriously think we will see a commercial album from Meek after this stint,until then we got 20 songs to keep us busy.

  • Big Sean is back at this summer again with a brand new dope track,with another fellow MMG artist Wale (last time he worked with MMG's Meek Mill) titled "Life Should Go On",the Key Wane produced track with some captivating piano which is just a grace to the ears,you have to wait to see if this is a just a throwaway track or it will be featured in an upcoming Sean or a GOOD music collab mix tape,anyway its great to enjoy,Life Goes on,doesn't it ?

  • "Shawty is got the sweetest lips
    The fliest hips that caught my eyes"

    "Get In There" is a new-old Weeknd song which has previously left unreleased and also be doubted as his first ever recording has just hit the inter web,which makes us more irresistible to listen it,with its grand theft auto kinda tunes,and the kiddish voice sampling mixed with some deeper ones,the song gets us back to Abel's pre-House of Balloons days

    Props to Mixtape Maestro for this one.

  • I've been thinking of doing this for sometime now,but just couldn't do it,but better late than never,the remix roundup podcast is just a post with bunch full of remixes picked through a month,so lay back,relax,and enjoy these all the best remixes from the month of April,Tiesto's here,Calvin Harris's is here,Drake is also here,what else could you supposedly need ?

  • The two most distinctive rappers of their groups Detroit's Big Sean and Philadelphia's Meek Mill teamed up for a GOOD Music X Maybach Music collaborative track titled "Burn",a siren-laden production from Jahlil Beats with the chemistry of these two just makes tracks awesome to listen two.

  • The Neighbourhood  are a band from Cali,and are only three songs old,yet they have embarked their name into this wide world music sphere,their music is lovely,each song stands own its own and is different from the latter,and everything they do just kinda happens to be good,and its better and better,to sum it up they kinda have the Midas touch in their work.

    They are now summing up their songs for their first EP titled "I'm Sorry" out next Monday,and in preview of that we are sharing the two of their best songs so far "Sweater Weather" and "Female Robbery".

  • Logic is definitely going to step into bigger limelight this year with the release of his stellar mixtape "Young Sinatra : Undeniable"  ,actually let me correct myself,it’s way more then a mixtape, it’s a free album,the production is great,it got skits,interludes,guest appearances all the stuff which makes it couple steps above your average free release,and puts itself in the "must listen" category.STREAM BELOW

  • G.O.O.D Music's very own Kanye West, Pusha T, and Big Sean have teamed up with Jadakiss to remix “I Don’t Like”, the buzzworthy trap single from 16-year-old Chicago MC Chief Keef and when you got so much dope rappers in one song,you know,it just gets all lunatic,Listen to the end result below.

  • 'Small Town Moon' is the latest offering from Regina Spektor's upcoming album "What We Saw from the Cheap Seats" the pop ballad is touching,quirky and beautiful all together plus all that mixed up with the near perfect vocals of the songstress just makes it worth your time