• So here we are back again with all the dazzling remixes from this past month,there are some newcomers (Young Eagle,Xilent) and some classics (Armin Van Burrenn !) so stand up,grap a cup and do whatever you want.

  • there might be coffee

    Deadmau5 took to his Twitter today to release a pretty awesome new track entitled "There Might Be Coffee" as "weird" as the name sounds the track,oppositely is as "awesome" as it can be,featuring the squeaky progressing trademark Mau5 beats,it just gets better and better as you move on.

    Although he noted that this version is unfinished, it is an extremely promising sign of what is to come in the near future from the always original artist.

  • onerepublic performing

    A new OneRepbulic track just hit the inter-webs and although its not much of great quality (radio rip),but one thing it makes pretty straight that its a banger of a track.

    Featuring 1R signatures fun.twist melodies and Ryan Tedder's glorious vocals this one's is here and that for  quite a long time,because it makes you feel again to listen this.

  • j.cole climbing

    “Heard niggas got beef, then they see me on the street, and don’t speak. Heard niggas dropping songs every week, but they weak."

    Been a while since we heard from The Cole World King right ? Touring the world in support of his debut has taken J. Cole away from the booth but he’s back with “The Cure” his freestyle of The Throne’s (jay-Z x Kanye West) “Lift Off.” 

    There’s no indication yet from Cole where this one will live, but you’ve gotta hope another mixtape is in the works, otherwise we might end up with the shakes forever.

    But lets leave all the implications up there only and enjoy this motha-fu**king awesome track below.

  • Uncle Snoop get assists from Dubber (thats a word i invented to call an Dubstep Producer) Diplo protegee Major Lazer for his first single off his next "Reincarnated" album,yess he is releasing a album again.

    The Reggae,yes,Reggae song is entitled "La La La" and is completely different from the usual Snoop bits,really love the fact that Snoop tries his best to give his fans news stuff regularly,but man i also think he needs to stop releasing albums now,actually i think he needed to stop releasing albums years back.

    Anyways listen the drop below.

  • G.O.O.D Music artist Cyhi Da Prynce is back with a new mixtape/banger entitled "Ivy League Club" featuring a whole bunch of VIP artists and producers.

    The 21-track mixtape is a decent one with some really good singles-like songs.

    On a light note,the tape also features "100 Bottles" track featuring none other Bottle-throwing King Chris Brown and our boi Big Sean,but that has nutting to do with the Chris Brown-Drake brawl,so yeah,boring.

  • Drake's go to producer Noah “40″ Shebib has now officially collaborated with Jojo on her new song, “Demonstrate.”

    The term officially was used because Jojo previously covered Noah produced Drake's "Marvin Room" which was a great hit and the reason i came to know her.

    The Duo hit the mark again this time,the song has the same minimal pinging and Jojo says both “sexual anxiety” and “freaky shit,” so we are in the right zone.

  • Beltek is back with his unique style and ingredients on his new single 'GO' which is an absolute banger,he has only released a 2-minute preview of the track so far on his official soundcloud but even that seems like eternity full of good-music,might be your go-to techno this summer.LISTEN UP

    The official release date of the song is 30th July,till then you bite on this.

  • Madeon just turned 18 a couple of days ago and now he is bringing all his past 7+ year experience for his the single 'FINALE' which is straight out dope and has one of the best/strongest base line i have ever heard.

    The song features Nicholas Petricca who has got some serious vocals talents.

    The track is officially out on 22 July on iTunes,stream it below and do ya thing.

  • We all know that Swedish House Mafia are splitting up but they are gonna bid adieu in a great fashion and they just released a brand new track entitled  "Don't You Worry Child" which they performed live at the MILTON KEYNES BOWL recently.

    The song does not have a release date yet and even a proper quality version,but already it has become quite a farewll anthem for all us SHM fans with heart pounding lyrics & vocals plus their evergreen production .

    A live version is embedded to stream below,not much quality but still you're gonna love it #WORD.

  • Recently Frank's new album "Channel Orange" went up earlier then expected on iTunes,and he gently posted a full stream of the album on his tumblr quoting "ENJOY"

    Well you can alternatively also stream the R&B crooner's whole album below,plus i won't say you to enjoy,i think you will auto-fucking-matically,its that good,its pretty darn good.


  • AN21,Max Vangeli and Tiesto have come together to create a new summer anthem for festivals and shows across the world, aptly titled “People of the Night.” with vocals from Lover Lover

    The track is probably the most euphoric track out this year,but really when you got three great world class DJ's on a track what else you expected. #WIN

  • Dallas Songtress Monika Ashley has releasd her first single In The Water so as to give us a little taste of what to expect from her upcoming project Problematique.

    In the Water is a great head-start,the vocals are lovely & fresh,the lyrics are relate-able,and the fact that she's a complete beauty also helps a little lot.

    On repeat ever since i stumbled it,Listen Below.

  • Big Sean for the first time collaborates with Mac Miller for a freebie track titled "Hundred Dollar Bill Skyscraper" produced by Drumma Boy,there is no new news on where this track will end up,my guess is on the upcoming Sean mixtape which going by this is gonna be stellar one.

  • Ad-mist all the bi-sexual rumors Frank Ocean's delivers this amazing "Sweet Life" track reminding us all we do need to care about is good music rather than some artists personal business.

    Anyways people are people.

    The track will be featured in Frank Ocean's upcoming debut solo album "Channel Orange" and is co-written by Pharrell which you'll know as you as you play it,one more thing you'll know is that its  probably the best R&B you have heard in recent weeks.

  • Wolfgang Gartner the electro-house bomber is back,hitting the right chords and beats while previewing his new  EP Casual Encounters Of The 3rd Kind consisting two teaser tracks "Girl on Girl" and "Boy on Girl" giving us again solid work.

    These tracks are just what you'd expected from the DJ. Wolfgang did not put a release date with these previews, but he did assure us that this EP will be out soon,till then take a cup and enjoy these.

  • Other than brawling with bottles at club (pun intended) Chris Brown is doing his usual music stuff,this times he gets on Nelly's "Merry Go Round" which has some serious potential at the beginning with those crazy bass lines but just fades away.

    What do you think ?? Listen Below

  • So we're back with the roundup of all the great remixes for the month of June,we have got some classics (check Marvin Gaye and Van Halen) and some regulars,but one thing is for sure on the hit,it can't get any better.

    They might be less quantity,but for sure its quality.

  • After an acapella version of Kanye West’s/G.O.O.D. Music’s “New God Flow” on last night’s broadcast of the BET Awards we finally got our hands ears to the official full version.

    And its a pleasure,its been awhile since Pusha sounded so dope,and Kanye is at his level,doing his thing and making more mind-blowing music.

  • Drama grabs feature fiends 2 Chainz, Meek Mill & Jeremih for new T-Minus-produced track “My Moment”.The song should definitely find a place in your "Pump up playlist" and is another summer hip hop jam you just can't miss out on.

    Jeremih has a solid hook,2 Chainz & Meek Mill can never under perform on a feature,and they keep that shit right on this one.

    A spiritual successor to DJ Khaled's "I'm on One" ?? Maybe..

  • Last night Jordan Suckley took “Here We Go,” the highly anticipated single by Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes,who are own their way to stardom,for a spin on BBC Radio 1.

    This is a much awaited track in the  EDM Scene.The track is set for official release July 9th, but at least now we can listen to a high quality and full length version of the song until then.

    The duo keeps up their solid work and hits the right chords here and gives you what you needed - a banger.