• madeon performing

    Madeon is 18, he looks like he's 10, and he DJ's like he is 180.

    And this new track "The City" only add to his legacy of being f**king awesome.

    Put it in your i-whatever, take a cup (hoping you get it) and start partying.

    You can buy it on iTunes (US Only) but it’s out everywhere else on October 8th.

  • tyga t-raw

    Being a part of a big rap crew/group might seem a bit of reach to most young upcoming rappers who want to step into the big world, but the joining of a group seems to be the other way, he has been mostly overshadowed by Lil Wayne, Nicki & Drake unable to get out his true potential.

    But with the mixtape-turned-pop-anthem "Rack City" he showed that he is some man (or raw) under all that tattoos plus now he's back with a whole new tape featuring no major rap-stars to back the fact that he's solid enough (alone) to be in the game.

    "Wish" is our favorite from the tape find out yours below.

  • usher and chris brown

    We got another one Usher's baby-making anthems with this new loosie entitled "Sunshine", Usher’s pretty upfront with it, he’s cleared out his evening for all the sexy ladies in his area and he’s throwing on that Quiet Storm.

  • Taylor Swift is back fellas.

    Taylor Swift is releasing her new album entitled "Red" October 22nd and we've got the first song off it  "We are Never Ever getting Back Together" , a clap along record about an ex ? surprised ? , about the song its pretty amazing, pretty fucking amazing.

  • Where do the hell does this came out from ? when I heard that Kelly Clarkson was releasing a Pepsi-sponsored NFL Anthem for the Dallas Cowboys , I was all like “OMFG”

    I'll admit i'm not a big Dallas Cowboys or even a huge NFL fan but this song is just sick, it is like the sequel to “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” and sounds just perfect for the Cowboys, kinda like the tune you'll heard in Texas.

    And its big, real BIG, it has massive chorus .... to sum it up all its just anthemic plus its for FREE like Goddamn Free what else could we need ?

  • With his long-awaited/oft-delayed mixtape DJ Drama-hosted mixtape Baby Face Killa reportedly set to be released soon, gangsta rap standard-bearer Freddie Gibbs has released a new track titled "Bout It Bout It" featuring Kirko Bangz.

    The track features an auto-tune assisted verse from Kirko Bangz but still Fred maintains his usual cutthroat approach, rappin’ and cappin’ like always, this track has some major potential and you'll know it as soon as you hit the play button.

  • Hear this new XXX banger from R&B Crooner Kirko entitled "“Nasty N*gga” featuring YMCMB's Tyga as  the two up-and-comers speak on their bedroom etiquette atop a brilliant twangy southern production.

    Watch out for Kirko’s new mixtape Procrastination Kills 4 drops August 20.

  • After his brief stint into alt-rock with WZRD Cudder is back at his rap game with this new self-produced track bound to make his upcoming album "Indicud" , on the track Cudi’s flow is reminiscent of his A Kid Named Cudi days a.k.a the days we just loved him.

    Cudi also brings along King Chip for the ride, a familiar friend with a new moniker who you might know as Chip Tha Ripper.

    If this song is any indication of what’s to come, then we’re definitely in for a real treat.

  • Azealia Banks is already back at posting random tracks on SoundCloud. “Succubi” is the latest on that list and features production by the always-great araabMUZIK, the song is though, apparently aimed at Harlem rap vet Jim Jones, is pretty good to listen to.

    You can read all about their ridiculous spat over at MTV, or you can just don't give a shit about that and listen to the song below.

  • I don’t particularly identify with being a Hollywood chick is all about, maybe she is talking about a girl he knows or maybe its on some celebrity/model lifestyle, but this new single from rapper Yousuf Yousuf along with producer Jonathan Lee sure makes it sound like stars-in-the-eyes.

     A sample from Bran Van 3000’s ”Drinking In La” is just icing on the cake.

  • Jeremih - Late Nights Mixtape

    R&B Crooner Jeremih has just released a new mixtape entitled "Late Nights with Jeremih" and we'll be jamming this one hard,featuring the usual slo-mo tracks is just amazing.Listen & Download the whole tape below.
  • visitor music

    Visitor is a duo of two guys (Kyle + Lucas) from London,UK and "Coming Home" is the second single off their upcoming debut untitled album, what can i say there were like 6 emails on my inbox about Visitor and right then i knew it was gonna be great, and to my pleasure i was right, its a track you just wanted, the intricate array of guitar arpeggios, driving bass, chiming melodies and Diamond Cut's signature synth and production work is just magnificent.

  • the xx performing

    Chained is the second single out of the new album from The XX entitled "Coexist", and i don't need to say much about the track below because as soon as you hit the play button you'll know yourself.

  • Drake has already announced that he will be the executive producer of Aaliyah’s upcoming album and few hours ago we just a got a idea how its gonna be.

    A new Aaliyah track entitled "Enough Said" has been released's via Drake's blog and it features the man himself.

    Produced by Noah '40' Shebib (Drake's go to producer),the song is pretty damn catchy,Aaliyah was one the real superstars of that 90’s era, and this track if anything is a reminder of why, i would also be happy if she just sang "Yeah Yeah Yeah” for the whole four minutes, Drake's verse sounds a bit oddly placed but i think you just are lost until you notice that.
  • old school caddy kid cudi

    Kid Cudi is back again, at rapping , thank GOD !

    Producer Hit-Boy let loose his second track as a rapper titled "Old School Caddy" and delivers some impressive, mellow raps and a great chorus over his own smooth instrumental.

    Kid Cudi just do his magic.Listen Below.

  • asap rocky cycle

    A new leak from Rocky's upcoming album “LongLiveASAP” album has just hit the inter-webs, the track dropping his ode to his 3 favorite things is entitled "Pussy Money Weed" and is real dope,nothing more,nothing less,listen below,and enjoy your goddamn life,you only get it once,fella.

  • fabolous wale tyga

    This is trap rap at its best,when mainly the whole Hip hop industry is giving us nothing new to dwell on,French Montana x Wale x Fabolous gives us the right amount of dopeness at the right time.

  • Parade are a UK girlband that I, in all honesty, never really paid attention and i still can't find a reason for WHY? i didn't,anyways better late than never.

    Parade have really done a good job of hyping up their new single "Light Me Up" a POP anthem crafted by Tim Powell (Girls Aloud, Paloma Faith) and the girls.

    The song is exceptionally well and has a killer hook,everything making it worth the listen.